Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Go to Sell > View Open Invoices. Click “View” on the invoice you interested in taking payment, scroll down and click “Take Payment”.

Under Payment Information apply the payment as a Wire or Entry (whichever you prefer). Find a bank identification number you can add to the Card Number field as representation of the transaction. Then click “Process Charge”.
We love and support our partners. Please contact us here, and a representative will be in contact with you shortly.
Yes, we offer full PCI compliance with our platform.

Your 90-day warranty covers:

  • Fixing defects in any custom coding or configurations outlined in the executed scope of work.
  • Adjusting your layout, colors and styles, and navigation as you learn how to optimize the platform.
  • A higher priority response time in an effort to train your team on being self sufficient. 

Your lifetime warranty covers:

  • Any and all defects in out-of-the-box platform coding.
  • Any new platform code does not impact any existing capabilities. 
  • Continuous improvements to the Peoplevine ecosytem.

For continued support after 90 days check out our business continuity plans.

A TouchPoint happens whenever a customer interacts with a Communication and Marketing Tool inside PeopleVine. This allows you to create amazing marketing plans and only pay for interactions with your people. To learn more about how TouchPoints work, click here.

PeopleVine is a strategically integrated suite of communication and marketing tools designed to grow your business.

We take the security and the privacy of our customers seriously. We will never sell your data or make it available to another party. You can read our full privacy policy here.

PeopleVine was designed with integration in mind. It complements your existing marketing and CRM software to provide a more comprehensive overview of TouchPoints with your customers, while adding additional tools that enhance your marketing efforts.

Our team has worked in implementing the following enterprise software: SAP, Oracle, Siebel, Websphere Commerce, POSitouch, Dinerware and Micros, and utilizes the following programming languages: .Net, JQuery, ABAP, Java and Objective C.

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